We have received some questions from patients around why we are unable to offer flu vaccination appointments at our Lifton Branch Surgery and we would like to explain the reasoning behind this decision.

Whilst it may appear that Coronavirus rules have now gone and we are returning to ‘normal’, we are in fact still in the midst of the pandemic and must still adhere to social distancing advisories. Whilst Covid-19 guidelines have been reduced in most settings, healthcare settings are still required to adhere to safe distancing and the wearing of face masks, except by medical exemption

Due to the size of Lifton surgery, we are not able to ensure our patients will be able to safely distance and have decided that to protect our more vulnerable and elderly patients all flu vaccines this year will only be offered at the Tavyside Health Centre.

We will be offering patients with reduced mobility or transport issues the ability to book into a clinic at Lifton where we can safely social distance.

Kind regards

Tavyside Health Centre