Due to this service currently not being funded, we are unable to continue providing cryotherapy at Tavyside Health Centre (this includes both Tavyside and Lifton sites).

This was not a decision taken lightly by the Partners and we understand that it will be a significant disappointment to a number of our patients. There are alternative therapies available for many of the skin lesions that were treated by cryotherapy either via a prescription or by referral to dermatology and if you are concerned or would like to discuss matters further please make an appointment with a GP. For some of the benign lesions such as warts, you will be directed to self-management with over the counter remedies and you may wish to discuss these further directly with your local pharmacist.

Kind regards

Dr Joanna Coldron, Dr Vicky Evans, Dr Sarah Robbins, Dr Catherine Dunlop, Dr Harriet Doyle, Dr Harry Cutler, Dr Katharine Holden, Dr Michael Richards

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