Since the beginning of COVID-19, many healthcare settings have had to change the way in which they work and constantly adapt to the changes surrounding the pandemic. We quickly changed to an all telephone style system where all patients would call in on the day before 11am and ask to speak with a doctor, they would receive a call and if deemed necessary would be seen in the Practice. This was appropriate during lockdown but as people are returning to school and work we feel the time is right to move forward to a ‘new normal’ while continuing to provide timely care and protect our patients.

So what is going to change?

There are going to be small gradual changes as the situation evolves. We still encourage all patients who wish to to call before 11am and ask to speak with the on call doctor (duty). We will however be adding routine telephone/video consultations which will be available to book online or by calling the Practice. Some time slots will be after 17:30 and at the weekends up to a week in advance and we ask that these slots are kept for patients who are unable to accept a call during the day.


We highly encourage all patients to complete an eConsult wherever possible. All you need is internet access and you DO NOT need to sign up to use this service. eConsult can be found on our website’s homepage

eConsults are not only beneficial to patients but also very beneficial to the Practice. If you complete an eConsult before 16:30, you will get a response the same day, if submitted after 16:30, you will have a response by the end of the next working day. With eConsult, it gives the patient the ability to put all their symptoms down and allows the GP to respond with all the information in front of them, phone calls do not always have this luxury.

Routine face-to-face GP appointments will remain unavailable at present.

If you need a nursing appointment, please contact the Practice on 01822 613517