There is a national shortage of blood bottles within the UK until further notice. This means that all UK GP practices are affected by the current shortage and we are taking urgent steps alongside our hospitals to prioritise their use. This means that we are taking appointments for URGENT blood tests only.
We have been given a national guidance on how to manage this shortage and we are currently taking steps to put these in place. As a result, we will be cancelling or delaying any ROUTINE or NON-URGENT blood tests and only booking in URGENT blood tests. If you already have a ROUTINE or NON-URGENT test booked, our GP’s will be looking into whether or not these can be cancelled / re-scheduled and you may receive either a telephone call or Text message informing you of the cancellation.
Please do not call us or contact us with regards to re-schedule your appointment or to make a new ROUTINE or NON-URGENT appointment. Our Clinicians will continue to evaluate your medical need for these tests and will allocate you an URGENT blood appointment if needed.
These changes are likely to be with us for at least the whole of September. We will continue to update you via this website.
We fully understand the frustration this is likely to cause and apologise for any inconvenience.
Kind regards
Tavyside Health Centre